About Me…

From a young age my father instilled the power of knowledge into me. He regarded the importance of literature above most things and encouraged me to read as often as possible. Consequently, I developed a passion for the written word. It’s not often that you’ll see me without a book in my hand, and if you do it has most likely been replaced by a cup of tea, as quintessentially British as that sounds. I have always been a curious individual, both by nature and by definition. I love to explore, to travel and to meet different kinds of people. I love to debate a variety of topics and challenge my own perception of various issues. I am open minded and eager to learn new things. I find intelligence and wit incredibly attractive as well as those who are passionate and have creative outlets. Finally, other than literature, my other two loves are music and film. Music as it has the power to transform my mood instantly and feels me with a great feeling of happiness and excitement; and films because, similar to books, they have the ability to transport me to a wondrous world in which I can live through the characters and share their experiences and stories.


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